Furnace Creek Visitor Center

Furnace Creek Visitor - Center National Park Service - ARG

Death Valley has the most extreme climate in the United States. The Visitor Center exists as an oasis, a respite from 120⁰ summer days for staff and visitors alike. ARG’s upgrades to the Mid-century modern building – new ‘cool’ roof, new windows, sophisticated environmental controls, and a series of modest, subtly differentiated additions – responded to the site’s environment and constraints.

Behind the Scenes

About 20% of the building’s energy needs will be met by a 93 kilowatt ground- and roof-mounted photo-voltaic system.


The Visitor Center is a classic example of the National Park Service “Mission 66” building program.


Almost 1,000,000 people visit Death Valley each year.


For a full list of awards and honors received by Furnace Creek Visitor Center, please click here.

Photography by David Wakely

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