Alcatraz Quartermaster Warehouse

In 1963, San Francisco’s infamous Alcatraz prison was decommissioned as a penal facility and classified as surplus government property, paving the way for the 1972 formation of Golden Gate National Recreation Area, of which Alcatraz Island became a part.

The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy brought in ARG in 2011 to help preserve one of the island’s historic structures, the Quartermaster Warehouse. Originally constructed as a multi-use building by the US Army in 1921, the Quartermaster Warehouse had fallen into disrepair by the end of the century due to the hostile marine environment.


ARG coordinated the design of a new seismic strengthening scheme that would preserve the historic building fabric, including graffiti located on the building exterior, a remnant from the 1969 Native American occupation of the island. The scope included concrete and building envelope repairs, window restoration, and new roofing to match the historic roof.



The exterior construction was coordinated to prevent disruptions to the habitat of nesting birds during their breeding season.

The Quartermaster Warehouse has several painted political statements throughout the building dating back to the 1969 Alcatraz Occupation by Native Americans. A council of Native Americans was consulted as part of this repair project.

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Photography by Michael David Rose

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