Napa Valley Vintners, Jackse Barn

Napa Valley Vintners, Jackse Barn - Sustainable Design - ARG

When a winery becomes office space, things change. ARG adapted and expanded an early 20th-century winery for the Napa Valley Vintners Association’s new headquarters, creating a LEED Silver building from a vernacular barn with a varied building history. A successful example of preserving the past without freezing it in time.


Constructed between 1905 and 1913, the winery was abandoned in the 1990s.

ARG removed mezzanine infill and added skylights, restoring the barn’s original expansive space with its aged wood siding.

The new addition complements the compound gables and vernacular materials of the original building.

Photovoltaic panels and a ground source heat pump system contribute the building’s energy efficiency.

For a full list of honors received by Napa Valley Vintners, please click here.

Photography by David Wakely

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