Kistler Trenton Roadhouse & Barn

a scenic image of vineyards on a evening afternoon with sight of the road house and barn

Located in central Sonoma County, Kistler Vineyards acquired the 60 acre site - which includes the Trenton Road House and Barn - with the intention of adaptively reusing the existing residence for a private wine tasting facility and the barn for winemaking, barrel storage, and additional tasting venue.

a sunny image of exterior front yard

Reflecting Kistler’s unique identity and approach to vinification, the rehabilitation of the Trenton Road House offers a crisp, clean, honest, nuanced, and distinctive space for visitors to enjoy intimate and in-depth wine tastings. With sweeping views of the surrounding vineyards, the first floor tasting room accommodates up to 8 visitors, while the bright and airy second floor room welcomes parties up to 22 people. The interior combines custom and manufactured pieces, including rustic furnishings and handcrafted light fixtures.

Kistler Barn

The renovated barn serves as a private event space. The site’s original barn was dismantled, reconstructed, and expanded to become a small winemaking and tasting facility adjacent to the property’s lake. Salvaged wood from the original barn and other local resources was integrated to create complementary interior finishes and to provide materials for the custom steel and wood tables.


Early conversations with the winemaker inspired a design that highlights the wine-making process. Through a series of glazed openings along the length of the two barrel room walls, guests can catch a glimpse of the fermentation process.


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Photography by David Wakely

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