Eames House & Studio

ARG is assisting the Eames Foundation with phased realization of its 2018 Conservation Management Plan (CMP), a comprehensive guiding document for the Eames House and Studio authored by the Getty Conservation Institute in association with the Foundation. The CMP identifies a range of recommended treatments and interventions, providing the basis for all future building and site conservation.

As the first step in implementing a Master Plan based on the CMP, ARG prepared a Scoping Study for the Eames Foundation in 2019. This document detailed the tasks that will make up the Master Plan, organized them into a coordinated scope of services, and identified an expert team of consultants to undertake the work.

In 2022, ARG assisted the Eames Foundation in preparing a roadmap for all work outlined in the Master Plan Scoping document, with a focus on satisfying the Foundation’s mandate to retain existing historic material to the maximum possible extent.


The anticipated preservation and conservation services for the house and studio were laid out in detail and coordinated with the voluntary seismic strengthening, fire protection and suppression, and building systems upgrades to be undertaken by ARG and our consultants. Low-impact site improvements for the overall property were clarified, including a discreet new outbuilding to house much-needed restrooms, curatorial support space, and utility equipment. The site will be made more resilient with landscape succession planting, wildfire mitigation measures, better grading and drainage, perimeter fencing, and accessible paths.


This roadmap document is now complete and has been adopted as the basis for fundraising and long-term stewardship. ARG continues to support the Eames Foundation’s 250-Year Project to preserve one of American Modernism’s most compelling places for generations to come.


Photography by © Eames Office LLC (eamesoffice.com). All rights reserved.

Site Photograph by Emilia Siandou

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