Wayfarers Chapel Restoration Featured in the News

Working with Wayfarers Chapel leadership, ARG is leading the disassembly and relocation of the chapel to safe land in the midst of an unprecedented landslide event.




Famed Southern California chapel to be deconstructed as land continues to shift



Dismantling of Wayfarer’s chapel to begin this week


The Architect’s Newspaper

Wayfarers Chapel, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, will be disassembled as land movement in the area continues


Los Angeles Times

Battered Wayfarers Chapel must be completely dismantled to be saved


Architectural Digest

Wayfarers Chapel, an Iconic Structure by Lloyd Wright, Will be Disassembled


Daily Breeze

To avoid ‘catastrophic loss’, beloved Wayfarers Chapel will be dismantled starting this week



As Land Underneath Keeps Shifting, Historic Wayfarers Chapel Will Be Disassembled



Disassembly Begins for Wayfarers Chapel to Save It From Destruction


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