Haas Lilienthal House in Preservation Magazine

The Summer 2020 Issue of Preservation Magazine’s “A San Francisco Victorian House Provides a Portal to the Past,” chronicles ARG’s beautiful restoration of a historic 1886 Queen Anne Victorian home and its historical significance to the City of San Francisco.


“Determining and re-creating that particular color was part of a meticulous restoration of the Haas-Lilienthal House in 2018. It combined detective work, creative repair, and painstaking craftsmanship to bring the house—built in 1886 for William and Bertha Haas—back to its former glory. The work not only restored an architectural landmark and the only Victorian house museum in the city that is open to the public, but also preserved an important piece of history: the story of the Jewish immigrant community that helped to build modern San Francisco.”


Read the full article here.


Image of the interior dinning room, dark wood features inside Hass Lilenthal

Photo by Barry Schwartz

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