ARG / ARG CS Joins the Charge to Rebuild Ukraine

REUkraine: REstart, REbuild, REcover


Architectural Resources Group / ARG Conservation Services, Inc. (ARG / ARG CS) provided the home base for the ten member Ukrainian Study Trip from January 19 to 29. The trip was conceived to demonstrate rapid reconstruction methods that utilize innovative methods and sustainable materials to rebuild hospitals, residences, and schools in the war-torn country while respecting and preserving cultural heritage. It was developed by the Center for Innovation (CFI), in partnership with Dobrobat, a Ukrainian non-government organization (NGO) focused on rapid rebuilding response. Leaders of NGOs, members of Parliament, construction professionals and architects were among the selected delegates on the trip.


The estimated cost of rebuilding Ukraine is more than $500 Billion USD and the time to start rebuilding is now due to the scope of the damage. The Study Trip allowed the visitors to connect with a community of leaders in the design and construction industry, government officials, and NGO leadership. During their stay, the delegates learned about advanced means and methods of construction, including industrialized construction; integrated project delivery; robotics; AI; and other technologies. They spent time touring many local sites and ARG / ARG CS’s San Francisco offices served as a home base for the visiting delegates. In addition to touring ARG / ARG CS project sites at Stanford University, The Presidio of San Francisco, and Filoli Gardens, the group gathered at the office for a presentation focused on incorporating cultural heritage into recovery, and later in the week for an exchange of ideas and a discussion of next steps over brunch.


On Friday, January 26th, the Ukrainian delegation was hosted at a public reception hosted by the US Department of State, and at a public talk at SPUR in San Francisco, Planning for Rebuilding During War: Voices from Ukraine, Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi came to meet the group. Pelosi spoke briefly to the audience about the importance of our ongoing relationship with Ukraine.


ARG / ARG CS Principal, David Wessel, became involved with CFI during the Summer of 2023. He visited Ukraine in July 2023 with two CFI members and spoke at conference on reconstruction and recovery jointly sponsored by CFI and Dobrobat. David and other ARG / ARG CS staff and Principals offered a perspective on recovery during the Study Trip that emphasized the importance of restoring and preserving cultural heritage while rebuilding. “Why should cultural heritage be incorporated into the recovery of Ukraine? Because data from past recovery efforts has shown that involving community and cultural heritage professionals in planning and recovery implementation is a very important factor for success,” says Wessel.


CFI is seeking partners to both work with a fund reconstruction.

To learn more about the program, please visit the project’s website here:

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