The Huntington Art Gallery

The Huntington Art Gallery - Renovation, Restoration, Historic Preservation - ARG

What began as an estate—a very grand estate—has developed into a world-class institution with educational and research opportunities for scholars, as well as recreational and cultural activities for the public. Designed by Myron Hunt, the Huntington Art Gallery was constructed in 1911 as the California residence of Henry Huntington and his wife. Architectural Resources Group worked in association with The Earl Corporation, serving as the design and preservation architect of the $25 million renovation and restoration of the Gallery. ARG maintained responsibility for the architectural design of the new art gallery spaces and led the design effort to conserve and restore the historic exterior and interior finishes.


Upon Henry Huntington’s death in 1927, the entire estate was opened to the public to highlight his collection of art, rare books, manuscripts, and furniture.


The museum design allows for sophisticated natural daylighting design while still meeting the strictest museum criteria for light levels.


For a full list of awards received by the Huntington Art Gallery, please click here.

Photography by Architectural Resources Group

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