Metro Bike Hub

Located on the site of a previously underutilized parking lot, Metro Bike Hub at Los Angeles Union Station is a new bicycle storage and retail facility that promotes sustainable transportation at the city’s bustling historic transit center. ARG served as Prime Architect for the facility, which houses secure storage for nearly 200 bicycles and provides an array of bike-related services.

The design team was tasked with creating a modern, sustainable structure that complements the historic language of the 1939 railroad terminal. The team drew inspiration from the steel and iron train sheds found in Europe during the early 1900s, as well as Union Station’s indoor-outdoor breezeways, courtyards, and arcades. What resulted is a low-profile steel structure that complements the color scheme and utilitarian nature of the train complex while still retaining a distinctly modern design.


The structure may eventually be relocated as part of the historic station’s Master Plan and is easily dismantled and reassembled, limiting the energy lost through demolition and new construction.


For a full list of honors received by the L.A Union Station Metro Bike Hub, please click HERE.

Photography by Panic Studio LA

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