DGS Resources Building

CA resources building's exterior

The Resources Building was designed in the Post War International Style and completed in 1964. Upon completion, the multi-story steel frame tower was the tallest structure on the Sacramento skyline and represented a significant urban real estate asset.

Its location made it the center of the State of California’s office properties.

CA resources building's exterior

ARG is the Historic Consultant to DLR Group for the Criteria Document Phase of DGS’ Progressive Design-Build project. As part of this Criteria Design Team, ARG is providing project review for the renovation of the historic building including changes required to meet current occupant life safety codes, seismic deficiencies, and occupant health requirements. We are also providing support for DGS to interface with the State Office of Historic Preservation and other agencies having jurisdiction over the project.

Collage of CA resources building's exterior


When completed in 1964, The Resources Building was the fourth largest office building west of Chicago, topped only by Oakland’s Kaiser Center office building and San Francisco’s Federal Building and Russ Building.

Photography by Architectural Resources Group

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