Coit Memorial Tower

Coit Memorial Tower - Architectural Rehabilitation - ARG

Water leaks were damaging Coit Tower’s WPA-era frescoes and murals that depict life during the Depression. ARG’s architecture and conservation divisions worked closely together to repair the artwork and simultaneously waterproof the structure to prevent further damage to these significant cultural resources.


Four steel water tanks located in the shaft of the tower hold over 5000 gallons of water for use in the tower. Divers in specially disinfected wetsuits inspected the tanks to check for deterioration.


Historical research and paint analysis uncovered a decorative border at the ceiling perimeter that had been overpainted. The border was restored as part of the project.


There is a “Keeper’s Room” including a bathroom and kitchen on the second floor where the building’s caretaker used to live.


The new exterior lights are fully automated, giving the City more display options and the ability to quickly change colors projected on the tower for holidays and special events. (Red, white, and blue for Fourth of July, etc.)


For a full list of awards received by Coit Tower, please click here.

Mural on the interior of Coit Tower

Photography by David Wakely

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