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Deborah Cooper

Deborah J. Cooper



The pandemic is giving architects opportunities to experiment with new ways of working and thinking. Our firm is fortunate, in that most of our projects are still moving forward. With more time at home, I have the chance to take on creative projects I haven’t had time for in the past. I’m trying new recipes, doing some gardening, and designing several home improvements. And I’m having a lot more time to experiment with my ceramics practice.


I started making ceramics about 18  years ago. Eventually, I set up a basement studio in my house with three pottery wheels and a kiln. Last year, I went on a month-long tour of Japan, looking at ceramics, textiles, architecture, and other art forms. The pottery was very inspiring, and with more time to spend in my studio, I’ve been carving patterns based on Japanese textiles and creating new color palettes using slips that draw on Japanese color palettes.


image of abstract ceramics

Porcelain vessels started in 2018 and finished last week. The porcelain is colored,
layered, woven, and folded into form.



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